Time Management Tips for College Students

College years cannot be forgotten easily. Why? Because it is one of the hardest and the toughest stage in a person’s life. It entails lots of preparations and adjustments.

College life is full of challenges. College students are faced of mountainous confrontations and obstacles that must be faced. These students must work hard to prove not only to themselves but to other people that they are worthy of getting into college and finishing successfully.

To do and accomplish all the challenges and dares that are facing the college students, proper time management is necessary. College student should know how to manage time properly and how to consume time for worthy things.

The ability to manage and schedule time wisely makes college life easier. Missing important deadlines and appointments may cause difficulty and complications to both the academic and social life of the student. These things can also result to guilt, anxiety, stress, frustrations and other negative feelings.

The following are some of the tips for college students on how to manage time their time successfully.

• Learn how to prioritize. Prioritization is one of the most important aspects of time management. Proper prioritization of engagements and responsibilities is very necessary. There are too many college students that are ignorant and do not know how to set prioritization. This can often lead to procrastinations.

• Make use of ‘to do list’. This does not necessarily mean making a schedule. This is only listing the things that are important to be done. List things according to their importance.

• Stop being a perfectionist. Nothing is perfect. God created no perfect things and individuals. When you try to be perfect, you are only setting your self up for defeat. Many difficult and hard tasks lead to avoidance and procrastinations.

• Set goals. Setting goal is good in managing the time of college students. You should set goals that are not only attainable but should also be challenging.

• Try to combine several activities. Trying to combine many several activities in one sitting. Example of these are the following:

when watching a sit-com, try to compute your bills in between commercials; when taking a shower, list in your mind the things that are needed to be done; while you are commuting on the way to school, listen to taped notes. These things can save you some of your time that could have been set aside for other things.

• Survey your personal time. Making personal time survey help in estimating how much time is consumed and spent in many typical activities. This is very important if you are wanting to manage your time properly. Do these by tracking the time you spent for a day or a week. This gives you an idea on how much time you are consuming in different activities and things. This will also allow you to realize and identify the time wasters.

• Make a daily schedule to be followed. There are many different styles of time schedules that you can use. Try to make use of the time schedule that can fit into your personality. The common styles of time scheduling are through engagement books, cards, a piece of poster board tacked to a wall and many other styles. Once you are know what style to use, construct it soon. Put in the time schedule all the things that are necessary, including your personal needs.

• Take some notes and review them before the end of the day. This will help identify the things that you have done properly and the things that you have failed to do. This can help you develop proper time management skills.

• You should learn how to say no. There is nothing wrong in saying no in some instances and cases. For example, somebody invited you to watch a movie at a time when you have got something to do. Leave out the movie and prioritize your task. You can do that later on.

Learning proper time management for college students is very important. Learning these things early on will prepare them for the life that lay ahead of them. These will be their tool in achieving the life they are dreaming of.

How to prepare for college writing efficiently!

College Writing

In 2003, the National Assessment of Educational Progress released the results of the college writing assessment test, which aimed at identification the level of writing proficiency and lexical competence of fourth-, eighth- and twelfth- graders. This report provided the information on how good students could write essays, communicate information and provide arguments.

The results showed that fourth- and eighth- graders have become better writers in comparison with the previous years, whilst, the level of twelfth-graders’ writing proficiency has significantly dropped, “the proportion of 12th-graders who reached at least the basic level dropped from 78 to 74 percent.” Undoubtedly, the declining performance among seniors reflected a deep problem, which every single English teacher faced as a serious challenge.

“By the time students graduate high school, they should be able to produce more than disorganized self-expression or Internet chat,” said Marilyn Whirry, former national teacher of the year and a member of the board that oversees the national assessment.

Perhaps, this situation has slightly changed in the recent years. Though, the bare fact that overwhelming majority of seniors can’t convey well-organized ideas remains. Therefore, the importance of good writing skills have not decreased lately, not to mention that with each year to come the significance of good writing and editing skills essentially augments. Now good writing skills are considered to be fundamental for success in college and the workplace.

This problem is especially acute for high school graduators who are going to apply to college and acquire higher education. No matter what faculty you have chosen, you have to be ready for writing-across-the curriculum. College professors and tutors suppose writing to be an indispensable part of thinking and learning. Technical reports, research papers, term papers, and essays will become your constant home assignments mainly in every subject. No wonder that at college good writing skills is a must until you don’t have a research paper guru who does all the rough work for you.

What is college writing all about?

Sure that the experience of a research paper writing etched indelibly into your memory from high school. However, at college it will significantly change and will be associated with: late nights before the paper is due, sitting in pale light in front of your computer, a huge stack of books propped next to your desk, drinking endless cups of coffee, and racking your brains on a good thesis statement appropriate for your paper.

Remember that a college education builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in early years. College writing and high-school writing have crucial differences, which every college applicant should be aware of. Indeed, the transition from high-school writing to college one is not always smooth, because standards at college are generally higher than in high school. It differs in several basic ways, at college you’ll be asked to analyze the reading, to make a worthwhile claim, to support your claim with good reasons that are organized to present your argument.

How to sharpen your writing skills and get ready for college

It is well-known that writing is an acquired skill that needs crafting. All you need to start writing and to write well is perseverance, passion, and a good sense of right and wrong. The bottom line here is never to think that writing is not your cup of tea. If you are armed with motivation, persistence, piles of paper, and a pen, consider you are quite ready for the writing process.

Remember what Alfred Kazin once said about writing: “In a very real sense, the writer writes in order to teach himself, understand himself…” Stick to this principle throughout your preparation for college writing and use these simple strategies to conform your writing to the established patterns.

• Acquire the technique of x-ray reading. Reading will improve your writing style, help you learn new vocabulary, teach you how to use punctuation marks properly, enrich you with fresh and interesting ideas that you can further use in your writing assignment, and broaden your general outlook.

You should read for both form and content. Whenever you try to take big steps in writing, you will start with reading. If you are going to write about World War II, start with reading magazines and books from the 1940s’.

Bear in mind that reading of readers varies greatly from reading of writers. Good writers have to acquire the technique of x-ray reading. X-ray reading helps you see through the texts of the stories; it is all about reading the newspaper in search of under-developed story ideas and experience online a variety of new storytelling forms. X-ray reader always has a pen at hand and makes notes in the margins extensively, mark up interesting passages, ask questions to the text, return to these passages, and reflect upon the techniques used by the author.

• Practice writing on a regular basis. Sure you have already heard of this piece of advice, however, it will never become obsolete: practice makes perfect. When you are in a habit of writing, essays and research papers won’t seem so difficult to you. The more you write, the more perfect your writing becomes. There are several ways, which you can consider for regular writing:

– Keep the journal of your thoughts and the events of the day.
– Write the letters to the magazine and newspapers you read.
– Start a zine with your friends that are interesting to you.

• Experience with rough drafting. Some writers write fast and free, accepting the imperfection of early drafts and multiple revisions. While other writers write with meticulous precision, paragraph by paragraph, combining drafting and revising steps.

A draft is a more complete version of writing assignment written in a paragraph form. You will have to bring your drafting skills to perfection in order to write your college essays effortlessly. Break every piece of writing that you compose into meaningful paragraphs that convey separate ideas. A draft is the first variant of your complete writing assignment, where you briefly blueprint the main ideas that you are going to cover in your paper. When you draft, you should remember that you create a first version of your writing assignment that will be further filled out and polished.

• Master the craft of revising and clarifying. The novelist Balzac wrote dozens upon dozens of revisions in the margins of a corrected proof. Henry James crossed out 20 lines out of a 25-lines manuscript page. So, revision is a very good way to bring your writing to perfection.

Overall, there are two ways of revising and clarifying: changes that alter the meaning of the text and changes that leave the meaning impact. Remember that revision is generally a modification of the written assignment, rather than complete rewriting of the written assignment. Always conduct revisions of your pieces of writing and make sure to analyze your mistakes properly.

This set of guides for preparation for college writing will help you feel comfortable about writing essays and research papers for your college classes and boost your confidence as a writer.

Modern Technology Jobs – get involved with Web Design and SEO!

Modern Tech Jobs

Modern technology jobs are growing these days. People want to get into the technology field because it promises movement, rewards, and challenges. It is a field that people adore. Getting into the right job in the technology field can seem overwhelming, however. When attempting to put in the work and time, you may not see the results that you had predicted. Even worse, you may not find something that suits you at all. There are a lot of jobs available, though, such as those for website design, so it is possible to get into a career that you like and that you can manage at your skill level.

Your first step is to know what you want. Something like software development will have different requirements than SEO-focused jobs will. Anyone out for a more technical, behind the scenes type of job might prefer doing the software development. It is a hugely popular job that pays well and that has interested employers all across the world. It is something that can lead to career opportunities that are difficult to find elsewhere. On the other hand, if you want something more along the lines of affordable SEO, you will have to change up your approach a bit.

Jobs like affordable SEO require more creativity. While development will not survive if you do not have creative solutions, they focus more on information and facts. SEO is a bit of both. It forces you to do research to do it properly, but there is also a creative aspect to it. You have to put together content that reads well while also getting hits on search engines. It is not an easy process.

There are fields that are far more into the creative side of technology. Website design is a perfect example. Web design requires you to think about everything in a unique way, taking into consideration the appearance at every step. You will have to use facts and knowledge to build the site, but creativity is a major aspect of success.

These are not the only jobs. There are many more that fall in the spectrum. They range from technical to creative, giving you a wide variety of potential careers. Finding the right one for you, whether it is fully technical or creative or even something in the middle like affordable SEO, is the first step. You can find a good job in your chosen industry and begin exploring it.

Search for current tech job openings in your area today!

University Preparatory School

slider2When it comes to University preparatory schools, there are many of them to choose from in the Carolinas area, especially when in need of college prep. They are known for their focus on education and are sure to be home to something for everyone thinking of joining a private institution. For instance, there is Pinewood, Oakbrook, Hilton Head, Veritas, Bridges, Mason, Orangeburg, and many others. There is a lot of information available online to parents in hopes of signing up for one of these places of learning; all it takes is a simple search to get started.

Pinewood Preparatory School, for instance, is a 43 acre building that was founded in 1952 for the sole purpose of providing a different type of education for a select amount of students. They offer a very good athletic programing while still providing quality education to students of all races and backgrounds. Students of all grades, from 3rd to 12th, are allowed to enter and has received many accolades for the quality of education it provides its students. The type of athletics at this school ranges from basketball, soccer, tennis, cheer, all the way to swimming, sporting clays, and cross country. If this school does not seem like a home for you, there are many others to pick from.

Oakbrook Preparatory School is another private institution, founded in 1992, that is home to 4th – 12th graders and even has separate areas for separate groups of grades, also focusing in helping for college prep. This is a Christian based school, so there is even something out there for people that would rather have a religious background instilled in their education. There is a wealth of athletics offered at this school as well while also providing education with a focus on Christianity. There is something truly for everyone in South Carolina; all you have to do is begin your journey in looking.

Private schools are a dime a dozen in the South Carolina and there is truly something for everyone out there. In a few other states, there may only be a handful of private schools to choose from, and some are schools you may not find suitable for your children. The Carolinas make it an easy, and sometimes fun, choice because you have many different options and backgrounds to choose from. South Carolina comes with a rich and empowering history when it comes to its private schools and they would be thrilled to host any parent’s child in their halls.